GOATCOAT aims to connect HR professionals and technology to remove the manual burden of
administrative tasks.

OUR Mission

GOATCOAT aims to automate and simplify the generation of employee contracts

In a volatile and complex world where reduced time to hire means a lot to an organization, HR people cannot afford to waste time with manual labor tasks.

One critical HR task that remains a constant burden to all HR professionals is the creation of employment contracts that need to be checked, reviewed, approved and sent back and forth between various departments.

At GOATCOAT, we strongly believe that creating an offer for a candidate should be an easy and straightforward task.  We know that the faster you can get an offer to the candidate, the higher your chances of having them sign with your organization. We’re here to help automate and speed up that step of the process by:

  • Removing the administration burden from HR and giving them a more enjoyable experience

  • Reducing potential human errors while improving data accuracy and security

  • Unlocking your team productivity by freeing up their energy to focus on more critical people matters



In an increasingly complicated world, we believe in keeping things simple – this ensures our
solutions are quick and easy to use

Exercise empathy

By understanding ourselves and our customers, we can create and nourish an environment of
creativity and positive change

Act with integrity

Trust and honesty are fundamental in a relationship and we pride ourselves in doing what we say we will do

Stay curious

This ensures we continue to learn, grow and improve ourselves and our solutions



Ryan Croukamp

  • Ryan Croukamp

Chief Executive Officer


Frans Snyman

  • Frans Snyman

Director of Technology


Graham Kemp

Director of

Business Development